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The Pulse

Kalkidan Yibeltal It is easy to detect a certain underlying absurdity, and perhaps futility, in Addis Abeba City Administration’s attempt to ban non-Ethiopian celebrations in schools. But the administration is drafting a law to that effect, so we are told. The celebrations in question include Halloween and Crazy Day.
Imperial Exile

Last month, book shelves around the world added to their collection “Imperial Exile”, a book about Ethiopia’s last Emperor Hailesselssie I. Written by Keith Bowers, the book, unlike many other books about the late Emperor, reveals details of the “five missing years” of the Emperor during his exile in the …
Tezera Habtemariam

Mahlet Fasil Born and raised in Erer Gota, a small town around Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia known for its fresh fruits Tezera Habtemariam bumped into his destiny inadvertently at the age of 17.  It was Parent’s Day celebration at the local school he attended and he was scheduled to …