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Shape up p. 36. Photo  - bknabel

Chef Marcus Samuelson  Inspired by Vietnamese summer salads, this dish gets its bold flavor from fresh limes, pungent fish sauce and spicy jalapeno in the vinaigrette.
Photo Joanne Bruno

By Joane Bruno (Courtesy – Chef Marcus Samuelson) We’re reaching that time of year where you’re either totally fed up with zucchini and summer squash and bemoaning the fact that you have to think of new ways to cook them at least until after labor day (ugh how imposing can …
Photo - Jone Bruno

By Jone Bruno(Courtesy-Chef Marcus Samuelson) This classic Italian dish is simple to do and is the perfect and most versatile partner to any number of sides–spaghetti, ravioli, summer salads or angel hair pasta. Pick your favorite and dine al fresco like you were in Europe.