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Ashenafi Zedebub “………As it progresses very slowly, taking many many years to reach full expression, it would affect the control of muscles.  There may be few symptoms beyond tremor and also alteration in walking.”  This is how Parkinson’s disease looks like!

Ashenafi Zedebub “…….Sir, how many glasses of beverages should I take per day in addition to the soft drinks you recommended to me?” asked the person. In reply to this question, the nutritionist said thus: “….. I have never encouraged the intake of sugary drinks. You misunderstood me, sorry!”

  Tesfaye Woldemichael ‘Africa deserves respect as it is the origin of mankind,’ said Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Sunday 26th. He made the remark after visiting the skeleton of Lucy and other iconic fossils found in Ethiopia that indicate the origin of mankind which were on display at the …