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  Mahlet Fasil Addis Abeba, August 04/2017 – Ethiopian members of parliament who are conducting an emergency session after having being called off summer recess have lifted the ten month old State of Emergency.

A trader carries bundles of Khat (Chat) for the market   Hewan Semon Addis Abeba, July 27/2017 – Increasingly popular among the youth of Addis Abeba, Khat, commonly known as Chat by Ethiopians, is a controversial perishable stimulant. Attempts, albeit unsuccessful, have been made to link the use of Khat …

  Mahlet Fasil  Addis Abeba, July 26/2017 – The body of Ayele Beyene, who died while in police custody at Qilinto prison, a maximum prison facility on the southern outskirt of Addis Abeba, was buried yesterday in his home town in Gidami, east Wallaga zone of western Ethiopia. Before he …