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No trees in sight

Mercifully, Addis Ababa has avoided having slums in many of its neighbourhoods; but that may be only so far  Rose Mestika   In 2004-5, residents of Addis Ababa city woke up to a pleasing news when they were asked to register in their respective Kebeles for a new housing scheme …
Photo - Trio Entertainment

Soon Ethiopia will explode with the electric sounds of Jano, a rock band of young, talented and passionate Ethiopians   Zela Gayle   Setting the trend for the Jano sound is a new synthesis which injects Ethiopian music into the genre of rock to create hot and harmoniously wild sounding …
Ethiopian Muslim Protesters in Addis Ababa

A yearlong protest by Ethiopian Muslims against uncalled for interference by the government came to a disturbing twist on Monday Oct. 29th when a federal court in Addis Ababa decided to charge 29 Muslim protestors arrested in July with “plotting acts of terrorism” under the country’s infamous anti-terror law.