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Photo - Tesfalem Waldyes for Addis Standard

Emnet Assefa Ethiopian new Prime Minister Hailmeariam Dessalegn has taken over the chairmanship of the African Union at the on-going 20th Summit of the AU heads of state and governments meeting.   Prime Minister Hailemariam, who recently succeeded Ethiopia’s long serving late PM Meles Zenawi, will chair the continental body …

  Africa has done remarkably well in reducing maternal mortality but lacks behind in child mortality Emnet Assefa Commissioner of Social Affairs at the African Union, Dr Mustapha S. Kaloko said despite some recorded progress on the status of maternal, new born and child health in Africa, the continent still …

  The 20th AU summit which is taking place from the 21st of January is being held under the theme of ‘Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance.’ In his exclusive coverage for Addis Standard Tesfalem Waldyes has captured momentous pictures of participants of the ongoing summit.