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  Mahlet Fasil Addis Abeba, May 15, 2017 – The federal high court 4th criminal bench has once again adjourned to June 07 a key verdict on one of the high-profile terrorism charges in the file name of the first defendant Gurmesa Ayano et al.  Included in this file are …

  Mahlet Fasil  Addis Abeba, March 10/2017 – The Federal High court 19th criminal bench has today denied bail to Dr. Merera Gudina, chairman of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC).

Mahlet Fasil Addis Abeba, March 6/2017 – As fresh terrorism charges against several individuals surge following the yearlong public protests that led to the current state of emergency, prosecutors in Ethiopia have today charged a group of 76 individuals with various articles of Ethiopia’s infamous Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP).