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Addis Abeba Dec 29/2016 – The federal high court Arada branch has today granted the police additional 28 days to remand and investigate prominent opposition leader, Dr. Merera Gudina, chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC).

Addis Abeba Dec. 21/2016 – The federal High Court 19th criminal bench has today found 20 defendants, including two journalists, guilty of terrorism related charges and violating the country’s penal code. The court has adjourned the sentencing until 3 January 2017.  The accused under the file name of the first …

Addis Abeba Dec. 19/2016 – On Saturday Dec. 17, Siraj Fegessa, Ethiopia’s minister of defense and the secretariat of the command post tasked to implement the country’s sweeping six-month state of emergency (SOE), had news that should have come as a relief to tens of thousands of Ethiopians.  Minister Siraj, …