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Peanut Noodle Salad with Edamame and Bok Choy

By Joanne Bruno (courtesy of Chef Marcus Samuelson)

The truth of the matter is that if you locked me up on a desert isle and told me I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, every day, ever and anon…I would choose peanut butter.  There’s no doubt about it.  Peanut butter is, was, and ever shall be my ultimate favorite food group.  (Yes, you heard me right.  Food group.)

http://addisstandard.com/admin/uploads/Shape%20up%20p.%2033%20PhotoJoanne%20Bruno.jpgAnd while I don’t usually like to mince words with the things in life that make me happiest…I have a bit of a bone to pick with peanut butter and its calorie content.  How am I supposed to eat it every day of my life when it insists on behaving this way?  And on that note…how can I not?  Well, thankfully with this noodle salad, you can actually satisfy your peanut butter cravings without going on an all-out calorie binge.

These noodles are bulked up with tons of vegetables – bell pepper, bok choy, and edamame so that you get the entire delicious flavor of peanut sauce without quite as many calories.  Definitely a win/win lunch and dinner if you ask me!

(Serves 4, adapted from Peas and Thank You)


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Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

By: Saira Malhotra (Courtesy of Chef Marcus Samuelson)


Photo The Culinary Greek

Roasted chicken can be effortless and yet it majestically glistens like gold at the table. This recipe calls for lemon, honey, wine and thyme creating a succulent roasted bird. Some of these ingredients are symbolic while others are called to action for their tongue tantalizing attributes. Should you wish to have a specific kind of year, feel free to add to the ingredients and remember that a side of carrots or pomegranate will ensure a bountiful yeara head!


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Shape up!!

Hello there. Did you miss me? I know you did because I did! But it wasn’t my fault. Between you and me, the editor had quietly and politely informed me that “there was no Shaping Up for the issue of the past month.”

But I do hope you didn’t take that chance to eat harmful, did you? The good news is many people here in Ethiopia do not eat junk! Yes you heard that correct! Especially when it is the two-month fasting season, the colorful assortment traditional Ethiopian fasting food is the best a vegetarian can get! So I assume you all have been enjoying that for a good 60 days before it came to an end last week!!

Speaking of which, here is what I thought could make a wonderful Saturday lunch with friends or family. To strike the balance, today’s recipe, originally by one of my favorite but little known cook Sherry Monfils, will feature a combination of fasting and non-fasting food item (to say it in Ethiopian style.)  

Cooking bow-tie pasta with chicken takes a maximum of 30 minutes and usually has two steps.



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