A New deal to help save the euro

Fabian Zuleeg and Janis A. Emmanouilidis

The rescue package for Portugal and the recent electoral success of the populist True Finns party shows that the euro crisis is not over. Even if the current support mechanisms stabilize the markets, they will not be sufficient in the long term: growing economic divergence between the eurozone’s strongest and weakest members will increase the strains on political, economic and monetary management of the single currency.


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Sex and Berlusconi


Yes, the prosecutors are after him but fired up Italian women might herald the beginning of Mr. Berlusconi’s end 


19 Feb 2011

From the print edition

He says he adores making women ‘feel special.’ But Italian women think he flirts too much with women of juvenile and that Silvio Berlusconi’s flamboyant, media-magnetic ego is no good of a quirk to enjoy premiership of a 21st century European nation.


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