Uplink projects

In a spirit of exchanging valuable materials that the editorial team of Addis Standard magazine believes will be useful to its esteemed readers, Addis Standard and the official web blog of Ambassador David Shinn, an Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at the George Washington University and former US ambassador to Ethiopia and Burkina Faso, have agreed to create a media uplink project.

Accordingly, Addis Standard is proud to present both in its print and web versions some of the selected the materials produced and made public by Ambassador David Shinn.

Addis Standardwould like to acknowledge the unreserved collaboration it received from Ambassador David Shinn regarding this uplink project.

To find out the full content of Ambassador Shinn’s blog, please click on the following link:


For those readers in Ethiopia, Addis Standard recommends accessing Amb. Shinn’s blog via a proxy website www.unblockworld.com

For your news on Africa please visit




Thank you,

Ms. Tsedale Lemma

Managing Editor

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