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August 2012

50, 000 Ethiopian graduates have just joined the search for the job market. Majority of them will not be employed soon and a good number of them are may be unemployable at all

Hone Mandefro

  Tekeste Amaha is one of the 50, 000-odd undergraduates this year only from the 31 public universities spread nationwide. Tekeste was graduating from the main campus of the Addis Ababa University (AAU) and one of the hundreds of his batches who were frustrated to see a statement that says If others don’t employ you, it’s alright you can do that for yourself!” written in bold in one of the brochures distributed during the graduation ceremony last July. That the fate of self-employment awaits him and thousands of other graduates by itself should not as a frustration, but that it came as a last minute surprise is; Tekeste believed once he was done studying he would get a good job and a better life. Alas. That seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.