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August 2013

Hadra Ahmed

Ethiopian Airlines announced that its operating revenue has increased by 14pc from last year as revenue increased to 38.5 billion br, up from 33.8 billion br a year earlier, despite soaring fuel prices and the grounding of Dreamliner 787s for several months. Its operating profit also rose to 2.7 billion birr ($142.85 million), up from 1 billion br a year ago, boosted by growth in its fleet, destinations and passenger numbers, the national carrier announced.

Potential for 15 to 20 new modern supermarkets and 5 to 10 new shopping centers in Addis Ababa between now and 2018

Sagaci Research, a market intelligence firm dedicated to African markets, released this month two new reports dedicated to Ethiopia: “Grocery retail in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa focus)” and “The Addis Ababa Consumer”.