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April 2022

The trucks were seized en route to the Afar regionPhoto: Fentale woreda communication bureau By Alemitu Homa @alemituhoma Addis Abeba - Fentale woreda communication bureau reported that seven trucks allegedly carrying minerals from Tututi kebele were seized at a locality near camp Ilala. The bureau

Amhara security forces rounded up Tigrayans in Western Tigray and forcibly transferred them east, towards Northwestern Tigray. © 2022 John Holmes for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International Addis Abeba - The Amhara regional government issued a statement regarding the recent joint report by Amnesty International

Picture: Human Rights Watch (HRW). Addis Abeba – In a statement released today, the European Union (EU) said it was "appalled about the report by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International with regards to the widespread human rights violations and abuses of civilians in the