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Crippled by lack of jurisdiction and of cash The court has ambitions like no other courts in the world but it needs the will of African policy organs and a good luck   Kiya Tsegaye

Ashenafi Zedebub  What do writers look like? In a reply to this question Elfriede Czunda, an authoress herself, said “they are more or less prototype of employees.” Her portrait in a pictorial volume once published with the title “Fototermin” has preserved the said authoress and other writers from being forgotten.

  Ethiopia is having more and more people whose self-imposed enslavement resulting from a naïve, uncritical, wholesale adoption of Western cultural values and ideals are spreading fast  Taye Negussie (PHD) An assessment study recently conducted on patterns of street advertisements in Addis Ababa has revealed that out of the 600 …