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By Joane Bruno (Courtesy – Chef Marcus Samuelson) There are three words that strike fear into the heart of every woman worldwide. They make thighs quiver, palms sweat, and goose bumps…bump. Yup, you guessed it – bathing suit season. It’s imminent and we need to take panic-attack preventative measures.

Dear Editor I read your cover story on the terrible fate of black African asylum seekers in Israel (Israel not safe for African asylum seekers, July 2012) with a mixed feeling of anger and frustration. What is happening to black African asylum seekers in Israel is no different than what …

 Yordanos Goushe         The Alliance for Accountable Government of Ghana (AFAG), a civil society group, is calling on the government in Ghana to take actions in an ongoing trial of a multi- million dollar corruption case dubbed as the Woyome scandal.