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A young and aspiring Ethiopian traditional dancer who believes “mistakes are beautiful”  

Zela Gayel




Many refer to Melaku Belay as one of Ethiopia’s most famous traditional dancers. They are not wrong. The 36 year old who speaks modestly about his wealth of experience has now formed a traditional band named Ethio-color. The troupe has returned to Ethiopia from a successful tour in Spain in July 2012.  Melaku performs with the band at Fendika, a local bar, once in a fortnight on Fridays. The small place, which is located off Zewditu Street, is packed with people who want to see the performance and without a doubt is a top choice for Addis Ababa’s traditional dance and musical entertainment.

Zela Gayel

Zem-negede Adinet is a newly formed ‘Spoken Word Collective’ of committed performers based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is the first of its kind to have both national and international poets entertaining in English and Amharic. Members of the group have come together with the aim of creating a platform that will give members free reign to poetically express themselves using their talents, tongues, minds and hearts to communicate with audiences.

Ashenafi Zedebub

” ..One could hear the shriek of sea-birds, the peaceful rushes and then a very strange occurrence takes place…” When I first read this paper, I really thought that the writer was rather joking. But that wasn’t at all a joke. He meant business! He went further and wrote: “The listener with his microphone would gradually dive in the surf and go a long way down.”