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All foods contain calories and can be possiblecauses for fat formation, but certain foods can also promote the reduction ofbody fat and weight loss because of theminerals and vitamins they contain,or because theyhave less calories and at the same time needa complex digestion and assimilation process, or others create a sense of fullness even when consumed in small amounts.Consuming these foods, over a period of time and in the right quantities, will definitely make sure that the fat profile starts reducing.

Minerals and oils contained in garlic have properties that increase metabolism and facilitatethe breaking down of unhealthy fats that will lead to high cholesterol levels. Garlic isalso known to increasebody temperature and therefore aid thebody burn fat more efficiently. It can be added  to food as flavoring but one should be careful about the amount of garlic consumed as anything in excess may be harmful.

Ashenafi Zedebub

“As a result of a painful feeling by the nearness or the possibility of danger a disorder of the intestine could easily happen and all of a sudden an attack of diarrhea could follow.”  This is what I happen to read in a research paper several years ago.

This unfortunate, and at times unpleasant, occurrence has been experienced almost by each and every human being. According to some reportspresented by experts in psychotherapy, it usually occurs to men and women already inclined to anxiety, irrespective of age, profession, social status or whatsoever.

Ashenafi Zedebub

The question “can you listen?” might be considered as a rather “foolish question.” It should, however, be clearly understood that this particular question is not at all meant for the hearing impaired. Prominent psychologists of our time have now and again made the emphasis on this “special subject matter.”

One researcher has even gone so far as to make his own judgment. Said he: “If you answer this question  – can you listen? – with a clear ‘YES’, I congratulate you because you belong to the best minority of our society.”

The ability to listen, as several investigators pointed out, is an art of a very high degree irrespective of profession, occupation, education, social status or whatsoever. But, much to our regret, only a few people seem to have that ability. Here we can state an example of a so-called “party – dialogue” by and between two gentlemen with somewhat serious appearances: