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Original Title in Amharic: [ፈርዖን፡ የአምባገነኖች ተምሳሌት]

Author: Ahmedin Jebel

Published: Aug. 2015

Reviewed by Abadir M. Ibrahim, for Addis Standard

Addis Abeba, May 12, 2017 – The author wrote the book during his time in prison, where he remains for over four and a half years at the time this review is published. While it is interesting to read about how he had to write the book despite his imprisonment, despite his torturous experience in prison, and despite prison guards trying to prevent him from writing and searching him regularly to confiscate his work, what is even more interesting is that the book actually owes its existence to the author’s imprisonment and torture.

Yadessa Bojia is a Seattle based Graphic Designer, Fine Arts painter and the Designer of the African Union (AU) Flag. Describing himself as a husband, parent and a brother, Yadessa uses his art as a “tool to create attentions around causes I consider worthy or lack a highlight.” Yadessa is best known for his relentless work of activism especially for his advocacy work around the global campaign to secure the release of Bekele Gerba, the prominent Ethiopian opposition figure who is jailed for the second time in the last five years only.

Addis Standard’s Mahlet Fasil interviewed Yadessa on his art work, his activism and more. Excerpts:  

Kalkidan Yibeltal

It is easy to detect a certain underlying absurdity, and perhaps futility, in Addis Abeba City Administration’s attempt to ban non-Ethiopian celebrations in schools. But the administration is drafting a law to that effect, so we are told. The celebrations in question include Halloween and Crazy Day.