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The Pulse

Ashenafi Zedebub

It was only a few weeks before his death that Heinrich von Kleist informed Marie von Kleist, by letter, of “all sorts of ill-feelings.”

The German poet went on to say: “in this case I may perhaps let the art rest for a year or more and shall occupy myself with nothing, but music.”

It is as well worth noting what Kleist had to say with regard to poetry. Wrote he: “…I think the most important information on poetry is included in bass – lowest part in music.”

Ashenafi Zedebub

“As a result of a painful feeling by the nearness or the possibility of danger a disorder of the intestine could easily happen and all of a sudden an attack of diarrhea could follow.”  This is what I happen to read in a research paper several years ago.

This unfortunate, and at times unpleasant, occurrence has been experienced almost by each and every human being. According to some reportspresented by experts in psychotherapy, it usually occurs to men and women already inclined to anxiety, irrespective of age, profession, social status or whatsoever.