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A farmer can produce a bounty and still be a poor farmer

Hone Mandefro


Alebel Andiye is a farmer living in the outskirt of Seqota, a small town in Wag Hemra Zone of northern Ethiopia. Sekota is a town recently connected by a 675 kms of asphalt road to Alem Ketema, another city in the north that provides market outlets to farmers in Seqota and its surrounding.

Currently Alebel and thousands of other farmers in the area are busy doing the mandatory soil conservation works to rehabilitate and preserve what is left of neglected and aggressive erosion that has washed the soil and left monumental gullies until two years ago. But that didn’t keep Alebel from increasing his agricultural produces all the more.


A local company brought good news to a story that is getting better


Tsedale Lemma


On May 19, 2012 The Economist published a story that was hugely welcomed by development partners working with African countries. ‘African Child mortality: the best story in development,’ read the headline and detailed some of the remarkable declines in child mortality rates in selected Sub-Saharan African (SSA) counties including Ethiopia.

According to the story, 16 of the 20 countries which provided detailed surveys of their health status and living conditions since 2005 have reported dramatic falls in child-mortality, measured in the number of children under five per 1000 live births.  12 of these countries reported falls of over 4.4% a year.


Ethiopia’s infamous anti –terrorism law saw prominent journalists, high level opposition members take lengthy prison sentences

A court in Addis Ababa jailed blogger Eskindir Nega and opposition party members including Adualem Arage, deputy chairman of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ), the only opposition party with a lone representative in the ruling party, EPRDF, dominated national parliament  for between 18 years to life.

An unprecedented wave of arrest by Ethiopian police that has begun on June 19 2011 saw Woubshet Taye, deputy editor of a private Amharic weekly newspaper Awramba Times, which is known for its fierce criticism against the government,  locked in jail followed on June 21 by the arrest of Reyot Alemu, a columnist in another private weekly newspaper Feteh. Both were soon charged under the much dreaded anti-terrorism proclamation No. 652/2009