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Opposition party Oromo federalist Congress once again denounces the Addis Abeba integrated Master Plan, excessive police response to fresh student protests

The Federal High court 19th criminal bench in Addis Abeba has today passed a guilty verdict on five of the six Oromo university students who were under policy custody since May 2014. Only one was set free.


Nearly 75 million people are estimated to have paid a bribe in the past year

Transparency International’s latest “People and Corruption: Africa Survey” highlights a clear disparity between a few strong performing countries in regard to the fight against corruption and the many weak performers across the continent. However, there is no government which is rated positively on its anti-corruption efforts by a clear majority of its citizens according to the report. Out of 28 Sub-Saharan governments surveyed, 18,in fact, are seen as completely failing to address corruption.