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A careful look at President Obama’s visit to Ethiopia will reveal that plenty of unlikely circumstances will render his purpose to visit to a near irrelevance, except for one only


The drizzly afternoon on June 26, 2015 saw Addis Abeba’s Bole International Airport playing host to a hitherto unacquainted guest – Air Force One – the flying White House. Its powerful tenant, President Barak Obama, became the first sitting US President to ever set foot in a country that has, as of late, won the hearts and minds of the US government for being home to one of Africa’s ruthlessly efficient military establishment.


Tarikua Getachew (@tarikawipeace)


Obama and My Mother

I hesitated between hundred ways to begin this piece.

I wanted to write the Kenyans have treated President Obama like their runners do our runners on track: they wear us out but we still win. But then I figured nah… the Kenyans, more brothers to us than to Americans, can’t be responsible for Obama.

I considered starting with an anecdote of the salesman who said too much and lost his sale. You know? The guy you get into his shop, he tries to sell you stuff, tells you all the good things, actually manages to convince you to buy it and then, just when you were about to pay, asks when your baby is due when all you have is a weight problem.