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Guy Ryder

The number of child workers across the world now stands at 168 million, a one-third drop since 2000. This is both encouraging and worrying. It is encouraging because 11 year-old boys have been rescued from being child soldiers in Myanmar, girls in Malawi no longer work from dawn till late at night doing domestic chores and can now attend school, and children forced to beg in Romania are now safe in rehabilitation centers.

In its legitimate fight against the threat of Islamic extremism the government in Ethiopia (and its apologists) indiscriminately classify thousands of Muslims as extremists; rights activists and opposition political party members are more interested in exposing the brutalities of the police than acknowledging the real problem; and the threat of Islamic extremism is not worrying progressive urbanite Muslims  

Member states of the African Union (AU) are to meet in Addis Ababa on Oct. 11 -12 for an extraordinary session of the assembly. According to a statement from the AU, the extraordinary session is called to discuss progress report on the “implementation of Decision Assembly /AU/Dec. 482 (XXI) of May 2013 on International Jurisdiction, Justice and ICC.”