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Demeke Mekonnen of ANDM is deputy chairman


The Council of Ethiopia’s ruling party, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), in its regular meeting held on Sep. 14th and 15th, elected Hailemariam Desalegn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, to become its chairman replacing the late PM Meles Zenawi.

The same meeting also elected Demeke Mekonnen, currently the Minister of Education, as Deputy Chairman of the party in its last day deliberations today  Sep. 15th .

A hero?A dictator? A peacemaker or a warmonger?

Learning about Ethiopia’s late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is mystifying but it was hard to avoid

Tsedale Lemma

For the average bystander trying to understand just what sort of a leader Ethiopia’s late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was is mystifying. He was loved by many but at the same time dreaded; feared but at the same time respected; idolized but at the same time loathed; a warmonger but at the same time a peace maker. He hated neoliberalism but he was a darling of a neoliberal west; he presided over a country with the most draconian civil society laws, but he left behind a country that is one of the largest donors’ money recipients. He was everything many would wish to be and nothing many would like to remotely look alike. 




Amidst talks of a rising Africa, peace and security issues remain critical in parts of the continent

Selahadin Eshetu

Of the several agendas that crowded the 19th Ordinary Session of African head of states and governments, held in July in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the issue of continental peace and security stood high, next, of course, that of the election for the new chairperson. AUC’s Peace and Security Department led by its Commissioner Ambassador Ramtane Lamamra of Algeria was seen scrambling to address how the continental body was trying to deal with four active conflict areas in the continent: the ongoing conflict between the two Sudans that is threatening to tear Africa’s youngest state apart; the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo with its potential to destabilize African Great Lakes Region; the ever more complicated situation in Mali; and the uncertain political clouds hanging over the skies of Guinea Bissau.