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Soon Ethiopia will explode with the electric sounds of Jano, a rock band of young, talented and passionate Ethiopians


Zela Gayle


Setting the trend for the Jano sound is a new synthesis which injects Ethiopian music into the genre of rock to create hot and harmoniously wild sounding of Ethiopian rock. Behind it is Jano, a band consisting two female vocalists, two male lead vocalists and six musicians who play bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards and a drum. The two things the players have in common is that all of them are in their twenties and all share a single dream – to become the first international rock phenomena from Ethiopia.

There are many reasons to believe in Prime Minister Hailemariam as long as he stands to be a man of himself and treat himself as one 

Tsedale Lemma


An opposition activist approached by this magazine to comment on the rise of Hailemariam Desalegn as Ethiopia’s Prime Minister concluded his remarks with the ancient Chinese curse of “May you live in interesting times.” He didn’t implicate the saying as bearing the meaning of a blessing – as it may seem to appear – rather he meant what he said. He saw no pleasure in the whole affair; like many dissidents the regime has created over the past 21 years believe, he believes the coming into power of Prime Minister Hailemariam as nothing but a futile attempt to dance different with the same song. There are thousands of Ethiopians in and outside of the country who share his views. They are entitled to their beliefs.