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Zela Gayle

“Love” is what “motivates” him to play the piano because “the sound of it is so much related to the feeling of love.” These are not words from a teenage boy, who is deep in his high school crash; these are the words of an Ethiopian pianist Samuel Yirga, who, at 27, is fast becoming one of the most innovative young piano players around the world.

Habibi, 17, is an internally displaced Somali girl living with her 12 siblings and other relatives in a small shack inside a makeshift camp located not far from the Mogadishu Airport.  She is the second generation living as a refugee. Her mother was a refugee who was first displaced in the civil war that followed the ousting in 1991 of the then president Mohamed Siad Barre. Despite her miserable situation, Habibi regularly applies Kessil , a traditional herb mixed with olive oil that keeps a lady’s skin glowing. Beauty knows no misery!!