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A month long rumor ends with no definite answer



Bereket Simon, Ethiopia’s Minister for the Government Communication Affairs Office, (GCAO), says that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has had a minor health problem but dismissed reports that he was in “critical” condition.  Bereket also said PM Meles was prescribed a long ‘sick leave’ and that he will be back to his official duty in due time.


A farmer can produce a bounty and still be a poor farmer

Hone Mandefro


Alebel Andiye is a farmer living in the outskirt of Seqota, a small town in Wag Hemra Zone of northern Ethiopia. Sekota is a town recently connected by a 675 kms of asphalt road to Alem Ketema, another city in the north that provides market outlets to farmers in Seqota and its surrounding.

Currently Alebel and thousands of other farmers in the area are busy doing the mandatory soil conservation works to rehabilitate and preserve what is left of neglected and aggressive erosion that has washed the soil and left monumental gullies until two years ago. But that didn’t keep Alebel from increasing his agricultural produces all the more.