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A look at the fast spreading new form of appetite for dictatorship 

Taye Negussie (PhD)

Recently, Marcel H. Van Hergen, one of the noted contributors to the Project Syndicate, posted an article entitled, ‘Putinism’s Authoritarian Allure”. In the article, Hergen demonstrated an unprecedented current trend in Western Europe with many far-right parties retreating from their staunch anti-communist and anti-Russian ideologies, and moving to “admiration” and “even outright support” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Ethiopia’s HDI shows an impressing progress, but only when it is compared to its own figures of the past

Bisrat Teshome, Special to Addis Standard, (@Bisree) 


For many years economists around the world have differed over what exactly constitutes good measures of human wellbeing and development. Owing to that the closest measurement agreed by many was the use of Per Capita Income (PCI) as the main tool for evaluating human wellbeing based on national incomes. PCI is defined as a measure of the amount of money that is being earned per person in a certain area. It can also be defined as an average earning per person in a given country and is calculated by dividing the total income of the country by the number of its people.