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Currently the real challenge faced by Muslims in Ethiopia is not a U.S.-made amateur video clip but a sore relationship with the government

 Selahadin Eshetu


Many Muslims throughout the world are enraged about a release by few filmmakers in the U.S. of an amateur video clip that they believe insults the Prophet of Islam. Violence has erupted in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan as demonstrators ferociously targeted U.S. missions in these countries and elsewhere. Such angers have transcended in to physical conflicts between rioters and the police and have claimed the lives of many in Libya and Pakistan; it also caused the death of four US diplomats including its Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.


Alem C.





For the first time in its history, on Sep. 24th 2012, the UN has held a high-level meeting “devoted to the rule of law at the national and international levels,” as one of the side events during the sixty-seventh regular session of the General Assembly that took place in the last week of September 2012.  


A difference made in preserving and protecting the past

Rose Mestika



Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is rich in different ways.  Each city in the country hosts a mixture of history that is known and unknown by its own people and has nine unique sites registered by the UNESCO.
Poland, in Eastern Europe, has 10 sites registered by the UNESCO. Ethiopia and Poland share a similarity (almost) of having nine and 10 world heritage sites registered by the UNESCO respectively but have a titanic difference in knowing and handling their own history and culture.