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Ethiopia’s inflation has been  out of control for five consecutive years, at a great cost on the urban poor; now it looks as though it may come down to a somehow acceptable digit   

Bisrat Teshome, Special to Addis Standard

For the last five consecutive years it is a routine practice for ordinary Ethiopians to go to any given market and confront erratic prices, mostly higher, for same products purchased a few weeks, days or even hours before from the same market. Consecutive data from the country’s Central Statistics Authority (CSA) can hardly conceal this dreadful fact either. In the month of September 2008, the CSA published a data showing inflation that went through the roof (59.67%), which is the highest ever recorded in recent history of Ethiopia.

Ten years after NEPAD’s creation, no one seems to clearly say what exactly it has achieved so far. It is now high time the AU steps up its efforts in setting NEPAD’S mandate clear 

 Tesfalem Waldyes, Special to Addis Standard

When African Heads of State and governments come together for their twice-a-year rituals (one of it always in Addis Ababa, the headquarters of the African Union Commission – AUC) they bring in with them continental list of affairs for discussions: from regional cooperation to security – usually at presidential levels – to institutional initiatives by presidential advisors, diplomats and other high level delegates from around the world. The breakfasts, the lunches and dinners during such summits are not the usual meals – they are accompanies to the working presidents; and frequent side-line talks – formally round the table and informally over a cigarette and coffee in a corridor – between high level delegates are awash. In the past informal and side-line events like this have given birth to some exciting initiatives within the continent. A few of these initiatives have quickly disappeared while some have become success stories; still a few others have lingered around with no one able to define what exactly they are around for.  The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) is one to reckon in the last category.