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The painful stories of Ethiopian women in the Middle East has now given way to Ethiopian men and women dying in the middle of nowhere in Southern African countries 

Emnet Assefa

Over the last few years news of young Ethiopian men and women found dead inside jam-packed containers loaded on heavy duty trucks has become a routine media exercise both locally and in many parts of the continent. Most of the times the victims in these gruesome stories are Eritreans, Yemenis and Somalis; at other times it involves an entire truck-load of Ethiopians. All die while trying to cross borders in their attempts to go to Southern African countries, notably South Africa.

Dashing higher expectations, China and India made a mere $1 million each.

Emnet Assefa



Countries from all over the world have made a donation of a total of $455.53 million at the AU pledging conference for Mali to support the Malian defence forces and the African- led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) in their battles against Al-Qaeda linked militants.