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It was clear from the outset that Congressman Paul Ryan didn’t want the job, yet he has become the 54th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and republicans appear to have united behind him. But How far Mr. Ryan will go to please the “party of no” Freedom Caucus members will determine whether they eventually throw him under the bus, as they did with Mr. Boehner, says our U.S. Correspondent  Tomas Mega

With all the negative media attention swirling around Hillary Clinton’s emails, the possibility of a criminal indictment, her slumping poll numbers and a potential challenge from Vice President Joe Biden, it’s easy to forget there is another woman running for President 

Tomas Mega

She is Carly Fiorina. Her skillful performance in the first two televised Republican debates has her rising in the polls and she appears to have scored big as the first Republican candidate to capably, and classily, dress down Donald Trump.

Ethio-Feed PLC extends innovative livestock feed solution to Tigray Region

The U.S. Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), today held a ribbon cutting ceremony to launch a new livestock feed manufacturing facility developed through USAID’s grant to Ethio-Feed PLC. The investment will enable suppliers, processors, cooperatives, exporters, financial and other service providers to access higher nutritional content feed at lower prices. The facility will use low cost ingredients from agricultural byproducts in the region such as maize cobs, sugar cane tops and cactus pads. The facility has a daily capacity of 50 quintals per day per shift and is currently producing 4,000 quintals of processed feed requested by the Government of Ethiopia for distribution to smallholder farmers in drought affected areas.