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Though it ended 150 years ago, the bitterness caused by the American Civil War continues to reverberate; why has so little changed when so much has changed?,our U.S. correspondentTomas Mega asks

On the evening of June 17th, twenty-one year old Dylan Roof walked into the historic Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdered six black women and three black men. Mr. Roof is white. After being welcomed and participating in a prayer group for an hour, he pulled out a Glock45-calibre handgun and methodically began shooting, reloading his weapon multiple times. He is alleged to have said, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. You have to go.”

Tarikua Getachew (@tarikawipeace)


Obama and My Mother

I hesitated between hundred ways to begin this piece.

I wanted to write the Kenyans have treated President Obama like their runners do our runners on track: they wear us out but we still win. But then I figured nah… the Kenyans, more brothers to us than to Americans, can’t be responsible for Obama.

I considered starting with an anecdote of the salesman who said too much and lost his sale. You know? The guy you get into his shop, he tries to sell you stuff, tells you all the good things, actually manages to convince you to buy it and then, just when you were about to pay, asks when your baby is due when all you have is a weight problem.

Tarikua Getachew, for Addis Standard (@tarikawipeace)
No other visit to anywhere from sitting presidents, US or otherwise, has caused as much of a stir as Obama’s upcoming visit to Africa. From human rights organisations to individual letters his third visit to Africa, and in particular his Addis Ababa, stop has received both praise and vilification.

But while most have rather focused on advising whether he should go or how his going will be interpreted or even what he should say if he does go, I have not come across anyone asking what kind of man is returning to Africa.