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Tomas Mega
Valentine’s Day – a day for us to celebrate those we love, cherish, appreciate and express our thanks for making our lives and ourselves happier because of their presence. It is a day dominated by the sale of flowers, chocolates, jewellery, perfume, romantic greeting cards and even teddy bears. However, on this year’s Valentine’s Day in America, things were different. The day was dominated by, well, male domination! All across the country, it seems men and women were thinking less about Godiva chocolate, red roses or Versace perfume and more about handcuffs, riding crops, leather accessories and rope. That’s because Hollywood, ever mindful of the importance of timing, released the much anticipated film version of the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” on this Valentine’s Day.


In preparation for the Paris Conference on climate change to be held in December this year, the French State Minister for Development and Francophonie, Annick Girardin is visiting three East African countries including Ethiopia this week. In her visit the Minister is meeting with local