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Says it is an ‘ongoing coup attempt”


The Venezuelan Embassy in Addis Abeba denounced today what it calls an “ongoing coup attempt” and “US interference” and accused the United States of trying to forcefully change the democratically elected Venezuelan government. According to the Embassy a plot threatening the country’s democracy and stability was unveiled by its security apparatus.


The loss of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to the republicans is the least of all worries facing democrats, says our U.S. Correspondent Tomas Mega from Nevada


The loss of the U. S. Senate may be but a small worry for erudite Democrats contemplating the party’s future. They are confronted by several disquieting realities that threaten their prospects to be a major influence in the America of tomorrow.

Richard N. Haass

New York – One day, historians will have their hands full debating the causes of the chaos now overtaking much of the Middle East. To what extent, they will ask, was it the inevitable result of deep flaws common to many of the region’s societies and political systems, and to what extent did it stem from what outside countries chose to do (or not to do)?