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A Liberal President is making being a Liberal tougher than any other President in the history of America  

Tomas Mega, U.S. correspondent     


In October 2007, then U.S. Senator Barack Obama stated, “We must do whatever it takes to track down and capture or kill terrorists, but torture is not part of the answer.”  Obama was referring to the notorious interrogation technique of ‘waterboarding,’ which we now know the Bush Administration utilised.

America had been through a gruesome civil war and had paiddearly to keep itself intact. That precious scarifies is nowunder nerve-racking threat


Tomas Mega, U.S. correspondent     

A curious thing happened after the November 6 re-election of Barack Obama.  By November 14, residents in all 50 states had filed “We the People” petitions calling for the Federal Government to allow states to secede peacefully from the Union.  In Texas over 125,000 signatures were secured on their petition to secede, more than any other state.  One state Republican official called for Texas to have an ‘amicable divorce’ from the United States.  “Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government?” wrote Peter Morrison, treasurer of the Hardin Country Republican party. “Let each go her own way.”