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https://twitter.com/addisstandard/status/1113719823429664768 Major points raised by Dagmawit Moges, Ethiopia's Minister of Transport ⏩ The Aircraft was in possession of airworthiness certificate ⏩The crew obtained necessary license and qualification and were capable of flying ⏩The Aircraft's take off appeared very normal ⏩ The crew followed all

Torbjörn Pettersson, Ambassador of Sweden (pictured) and Admasu Nebebe, State Minister of the Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia are expected to give press statement tomorrow at the Ministry of Finance Addis Abeba, April 03/2019 - The Swedish Government has

Addis Abeba, April 3/2019 -  The first field office bordering Ethiopia and Kenya was opened today in Moyale city, southern Ethiopia, to address the drivers of conflict and instability, irregular migration and displacement in these cross-border areas. The Moyale’s field office covers the geographical areas of Borana zone in Ethiopia