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All eyes are now on Chief Justice Meaza Ashenafi, who is also the Chairperson of the Council of Constitutional Inquiry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia . Image: PMO Archive  Yonatan T. Fessha, @YonatanFessha Addis Abeba, May 05/2020 - The impact of COVID-19

Today, members of the House of People’s Representatives (HoPR) convened for the 3rd Special Meeting of the House and approved the Constitutional Interpretation alternative Solomon A. Dersso (PhD) @SolomonADersso Addis Abeba, May 05/2020 - Late last week I published an op-ed on the emerging constitutional and

On 29 April, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held a consultation with representatives of various opposition parties during which his government presented four alternatives to avert Ethiopia's impending constitutional crisis due to its deferred elections Jawar Mohammed, @Jawar_Mohammed Addis Abeba, May 03/2020 - On