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Major cities in Ethiopia are experiencing an unprecedented boom in population sizes 

Yordanos Seifu Estifanos, For Addis Standard

Addis Abeba, December 18/2018 – Population and housing census is one of the main sources of data on vital statistics ranging from birth to death. It is used as a basis for many social and economic projections, trend analyses, national planning, budget allocations or what have you. Researches also benefit from the availability of compatible data; and surveys, such as the Labor Force Survey, use census as base value to frame their sampling. Census is also the source for data on otherwise overlooked conditions like disability, making it the most common basis for macro level economic and social researches. Now imagine research findings that are based on wrong or inadequate data, and subsequent policies that are based on such inputs; it’d be a snowballing disaster.

Illustration: John Holmes for Human Rights Watch report on Jail Ogaden  Solomon A Dersso, PhD, Addis Abeba, December 14/2018 - Addressing the topic of transitional justice and reconciliation in today's Ethiopia is perhaps one of, if not, the most difficult one. Transitions, which are characterized by

"Let us stand together to say: Never again shall a few people oppress us as a nation. Never again shall the beautiful smiling Coast experience a tyranny of the minority against the majority," President Adama Barrow on Launching Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Gambia on