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Oppostion Parties

Eskinder Nega, Keleb Seyoum and Sintayehu Chekol and among the five defendants facing terrorism charges  By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil Addis Abeba, October 23/2020 - During a hearing held yesterday at the Federal High Court Lideta Branch, the defense team representing Eskinder Nega, Founder of the opposition Balderas for genuine Democracy, and four other facing

Sisay Bekele's Wife Tejitu Urga's Funeral (Picture: from family) By Siyanne Mekonnen @Siyaanne Addis Abeba, October 19/2020 – The June 29 assassination of popular Oromo artist and activist Haacaaluu Hundessaa marked the return of headlines that made Ethiopia a notoriously recognizable country before two years