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Addis Abeba, May 03/2019 – At least eleven civilians, many of whom pastoralists, were killed by members of the Afar regional state special forces, Mustefa Omer, president of Somali regional state confirmed to Addis Standard. Earlier reports came out from several individuals with family ties in

This is visual interactive map done based on description of location of the attack given to Addis Standard by communication and PR head of BG regional state Hayalnesh Gezahegn Addis Abeba, May 03/2019 -In what is described as "retaliation" for the killing of at least 18 people

Colonel Alebel said the clashes erupted over the Ethiopian Easter weekend following private altercations between a truck driver and a customer over prices Hayalnesh Gezahegn Addis Abeba, April 29/2019 - Some 18 people were killed in three days of clashes that corrupted in various