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Dear editors,

First my greetings to all the people of Ethiopia, who made me who I am today so that I can serve them back in my profession as a journalist; the ones who are still suffering under this repressive regime while struggling in search of freedom and good governance. To the Ethiopian Muslims, who are suffering under ruthless successive regimes, but continue struggling tirelessly to make sure our religious rights are restored and respected; and also to the “Dimtsachin Yisema” activists who strive to make our voices heard.

To all Ethiopian journalists who are paying the ultimate price unto exile; to all Ethiopians pushed from your homeland and suffering in exile; to all Ethiopians fighting for liberty, here and afar.

To all of you who are suffering the departures of your loved ones to the dungeons of this regime we have; and to all the international organizations who stood by me during this testing time; The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Reporters Without Borders, and Amnesty International, among others; to local and international media outlets who are the voices of these who are rendered voiceless; and Lastly to my families (especially my beloved wife and children) and friends, who are suffering as me, if not more.

Dear Editor,

As a matter of historical coincidence, both Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) were established in 1948. Dr. Tedros Adhanom became the former’s first unqualified but politically appointed minister in history and he now wants to take over the later, in a similar and unjustifiable trajectory.

When news of a 100% victory by the ruling EPRDF came out shortly after the May 2015 general elections, everyone scorned the result; it was too stupid to be true. After all, democratic elections in a multinational state home to a near 100 million odd, which Ethiopia is one, were not supposed to be like this. So, the world was right to scorn the results because nowhere in it would similar experiences go down history books unchallenged.