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Dear Editor,

I read your cover story on Islamic extremism in Ethiopia with a mixture of apprehension and anger at the government of Ethiopia, (It’s the nation’s headache too, Sep. 2013). Politically the current regime is not popular in the areas where your reporters have traveled to, its environs and beyond. The regime knows it, too, that it suffers from lack of popularity and acceptance. And this has everything to do with the growing trend of Islamic extremism in those areas; it has to do with the history of the federal police brutality in crushing members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) since the mid ‘90s.

Fitsum Tilahun (MD)

The disaster of power outage in a hospital, especially a tertiary level hospital like Tikur Anbessa (Black Lion) is beyond comprehension and yet that was what happened two days ago: a power cut and a dysfunctional generator that lasted for seven agonizing hours.

You can expect a lot of bad things to happen when you go to any Hospital in Ethiopia. Most of you have been there and you know what I mean. Mistreatment starting from the gate keeper to the attending doctors, long waits for laboratories, appointments, and lack of basic diagnostic facilities, the list is long.