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If you think you are lost after reading this headline, it is because you probably are, unfortunately unnecessarily.  



On Friday June 22, Shimelis Kemal, Ethiopia’s State Minister for the Government Communication Affairs Office, (GCAO), appeared before the local media to give the state’s briefing on current affairs. His appearance marked – hopefully – the end of similar briefings last held almost three years ago when his office inexplicably stopped what was a regular ritual once in every week. Shimelis said this would now continue to be held once in every two weeks.


Dear editor,

So loved Harar! One of the most special and exotic places on earth! Thanks for your keen observations. I’ve been to many of the earth’s pulse points and this is a big huge one! The women’s colorful clothing alone can compete with Indian women and send you in a head spin with their beauty! Amazing friendly people and culture, living in the ancient and contemporary times all at once! Loved, my time there!

Eva Cherry

Dear editor,

I came across with you rather unique and fascinating magazine for the first time by a sheer coincides. I would like to extend my appreciation to the professional work accomplished by the team of writers on your magazine. Having said so, I would like to comment on your cover page story (What now?, April 2012). While you are undoubtedly right on highlighting the true side of the government in Eritrea, you recklessly mentioned containing the evils that President Esaias Afeworki is unleashing upon the entire region “doesn’t necessarily make Ethiopia the Good Samaritan trying to rescue Eritrea from the tyranny of Isaisas Afeworki.”