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Despite the sweeping changes taking place across the Middle East and Asia, Putin is unlikely to change Russia’s foreign policy.

Mark N. Katz

What will Russian foreign policy be like now that Vladimir Putin has resumed the Russian presidency? There are two general observations that can be made about this question.

First, Putin’s return to the presidency is unlikely to lead to dramatic change in Russian foreign policy since he appears to have been the principal architect of it while serving as prime minister.

Dear editor,

I came across with you rather unique and fascinating magazine for the first time by a sheer coincides. I would like to extend my appreciation to the professional work accomplished by the team of writers on your magazine. Having said so, I would like to comment on your cover page story (What now?, April 2012). While you are undoubtedly right on highlighting the true side of the government in Eritrea, you recklessly mentioned containing the evils that President Esaias Afeworki is unleashing upon the entire region “doesn’t necessarily make Ethiopia the Good Samaritan trying to rescue Eritrea from the tyranny of Isaisas Afeworki.”