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Dear Editor,
If his passing away is likely to have a national security connotation, we don’t mind waiting until the ruling party gets control of the situation (What his absence gave away, August 2012). Any country would do the same if the information has a national security impact. As can be seen, there are many groups who are happy, wishing and waiting his death, assuming the country would mess up and they benefit from a likely turmoil and drift.

I pray for PM Meles’s health; dearest, genius and dedicated son of Ethiopia. And I hope enemies of Ethiopia’s development will be embarrassed by his revival.



Dear Editor

I read your cover story on the terrible fate of black African asylum seekers in Israel (Israel not safe for African asylum seekers, July 2012) with a mixed feeling of anger and frustration. What is happening to black African asylum seekers in Israel is no different than what has continued to happen to millions of Palestinians who are left landless and stateless by the continued Israeli policy that has based its existence on committing the most absolute crime against humanity. The saddest part of this tragedy is that although the state of Israel has shown, time and again, its conceit to international laws, the world at large has maintained its status of being the partner in crime. This is a disgrace to the history of mankind.

Allan Griffin

Addis Ababa