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Darfur, an area the size of France, had gripped the world when a civil war broke in 2003 and lasted for three years claiming the lives of an estimated 300, 000 Darfuris and 2.7 million Drfuries internally displaced.

It’s a complicated civil war with complicated players involved, and any peace mediation efforts had to involve a complex web of players with countries like Chad, Uganda and South Sudan taking their own share of the blame.

Dear Editor,

The January  issue of Addis Standard (The AUC – coming of age at 10) repeats false allegations previously published on December 7th , 2011 by the South African newspaper Business Day  alleging that the European  Union Foreign Policy Chief, Catherin Ashton is campaigning in Africa to have Nkosizana Dlamini-Zuma appointed as the next African Union Commissioner.

These allegations are false as the EU reply published by Business Day makes clear, as follows: