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Photo: Addis Abeba Police Addis Abeba - The Addis Abeba Police said that "19 police leaders and officers sustained serious and light injuries" during a confrontation on Monday with a group of people who gathered at St. Lideta of the Orthodox Church, located in Philidoro,

The clashes broke out during the trip to Shashemene by Abune Paulus, the newly nominated episcopate by the breakaway Archbishops for the West Arsi diocese. Picture showing the welcoming reception for the group. Photo: Sinoodoosii Oromiyaa Addis Ababa - Clashes lash between followers of Orthodox Christianity

Voting underway in Gamo Zone, under Arba Minch Center, Doysa Kebele of Doysa Polling Station. Picture: NEBE Addis Abeba - Residents of Gurage zone including in the capital Wolkite, have staged a fourth round protests by boycotting routine civil service and business activities on the same