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Ethiopia is having more and more people whose self-imposed enslavement resulting from a naïve, uncritical, wholesale adoption of Western cultural values and ideals are spreading fast 

Taye Negussie (PHD)

An assessment study recently conducted on patterns of street advertisements in Addis Ababa has revealed that out of the 600 plus billboard advertisements posted on African Avenue (in-between Meskel Square and Bole Airport), more than 90 per cent were written either solely in English or English but in Amharic alphabet.

The economy of a developmental state may grow at unprecedented pace but it often ruins democracy and good governance 


Taye Negussie (PhD)

Ordinarily, we think of a developmental state merely as a state that intervenes in the working of the market at instances of ‘market malfunctioning’. But, is that all what is meant by the term ‘developmental state’? Most importantly, what is the relationship like between the working of a developmental state and the realization of the purpose and objective of good governance?

Effective involvement of people in the process of policy and legislative development is in the interest of both the government and the people

 Taye Negussie (Phd)

It is not uncommon to hear people, here in Ethiopia, appreciating how fabulous a given government policy or legislation was, only if, had it been turned into concrete actions. The track record reveals that numerous policies, legislative acts and directives and even some international agreements or protocols being simply shelved and literally unknown to the larger public, or lukewarmly accepted and during implementation twisted to quite different directions.