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Taye Negussie (PhD)

Following the general election of 1948, the Afrikaners dominated National Party officially legislated a racially segregated system of government–racial federations–in South Africa, the infamous apartheid system that came to an end in 1994.

The year that saw the coming to an end of the racial federations in South Africa, in a manner of curious coincidence, heralded the birth of another fairly similar form of ethnically segregated system of government–ethnic federations – in Ethiopia.

Taye Negussie (PhD)


Since we ordinarily associate authoritarianism with a political system bent on subjugating and repressing its subjects – so conceived rightly – and, as such, we tend to overlook as it reigns in a number of other human institutions.  


As a matter of fact, the abusive parenting in family life, exploitative economic relations, the imposing and alienating carrot-and stick management system, the behavioral educational scheme aspiring to shape and remold humans could all be viewed as authoritarian in every sense of the term.